About Us

Sparkling water, glorious mountains, running brooks, a quiet lagoon, smells of hemlocks and pine and the sights of the shimmering moon upon the white birches, with fisherman’s boats, sailboats and skiing boats vying for attention, along with a few ducks and, occasionally, a blue heron… what a delightful place to swim, or if you wish to wade, or just have your feet in the water as you read… A quiet walk in the woods, a nature trail to follow, a star to guide your mind and heart to really see the quiet beauty, the flowers, the animal life, and the beautiful broad vistas are just a few of the delights we can offer you if you visit this special vacation spot on Lake Groton, Vermont.

We discovered Groton State Forest and Pond in 1952 through the invitation of friends to visit them for a week. Dad had a cold: their guesthouse was a tent; it was that beautiful, crisp Vermont we know and enjoy. Everything sparkled; the sky was so blue and the sun warmed our bodies so delightfully. Immediately we began to look for a something to buy. It happened the next spring.

The family cottage was built that summer. The property was cleared; the beach developed. Since that time the place has been enjoyed each spring/summer/fall by our family. The cottage has grown with the different needs of a family; it has become refined with comforts and facilities. We now drive to it rather than coming by boat! Yet, it was just as lovely as before, with the finest grove of white birch trees on the lake, and the swimming area improves as the sand is firm and children and adults can go out ever so far without getting over one’s head. Two large rocks stand sentinel on the beach: TWIN ROCKS.

Frankly, we could not imagine the camp not being used: We got to the time when we were not able to spend the periods of time we had in this wonderful site of delight where we had such good times. It would be wrong not to have it available for use. Thus, this protected bit of Vermont, quietly sitting at the lakeside with its boats, swimming, sailing, canoeing, fishing, trail walking and a real place to read is offered – for a week or two, a month if you are quick – to enjoy with your friends and with your family.

We will be delighted if you also enjoy such a special place as this is – for it is called —’Lake Groton.’

Lake Groton is in a forested rural area of central Vermont.  There is a small Forest store located less than a mile down the road. There are several General Stores, a Merchants’ Bank with an automated teller in Groton, about 7 miles from the camp. The nearest supermarket, department store, McDonalds, Laundromat, etc are located in Woodsville, NH, 18 miles and Barre, VT, 28 miles. Come prepared.

The Groton Forest Nature Center is about 1/4 mile down the road.  There is a Naturalist on board with free daily programs and occasional free concerts through Labor Day.  There are also about 40 miles of hiking trails throughout Groton State Forest, with most beginning at the Nature Center.  There are frequent moose sightings throughout the forest. There is also a large State Park beach (fees charged) just down the road with a concession stand. The Forest is rich with history and has lots of interesting sites and hikes.